Frequently Asked


Can I get a checklist for my properties outside the United States?

Yes, lodge compliance provides the compliance checklist for properties no matter the country it is located in the world.

What do I have to do to get a checklist?

Easy, just register your property and get the free basic checklist delivered o your inbox.

Why would I need Lodge Compliance when I can get the requirements online myself?

It’s true that you can search for information on the internet on your own without Lodge Compliance but getting a complete checklist that will make you complaint is a rather daunting process as there are various requirements at various authorities of government that is required to be obeyed before your business is considered legal, there is a possibility that you may omit one requirement or the other. Some requirements may also be available in complicated jargon that needs to be simplified for you to understand. We save you the time of searching for the information up and down by providing a simplified and complete checklist that is delivered to your inbox at your convenience, which is complied with great accuracy to save you from penalties of non-compliance and fines.

Which level of authority laws do I have to obey as a host?

You are required to obey STR laws at both national and local levels as compliance with the regulation of one level of authority and violation of the laws of another level of authority can lead to penalties.

Do I really need this checklist?

Yes, you need a checklist as there are several laws that you are required to obey for your businesses to be considered legal, authorities of several destination places in the world partner with listing platforms to ensure that hosts pay taxes, register with required bodies and fulfill their obligations. violators are penalized and such hosts are sometimes prevented from carrying out the business depending on the law that applies in your location.

Which laws apply to me as a host?

There are several short-term rental requirements that apply to hosts and these laws vary from place to place so it is crucial that you are aware of the law that applies to your jurisdiction and you understand them properly from the zoning ordinance to the permit requirement, tax requirement, insurance requirement, etc.

Can the type of property I own affect the laws that apply to me?

Yes, some towns/cities have certain laws governing the sorts of homes that can be rented out temporarily in different zones. These laws may permit rental in homes such as single-family homes and prohibit the business in condos or place a limitation on the number of hosts that can be permitted in a structure. Ensure you check your local jurisdiction to know the law that applies to your property.

Which tax am I required to pay?

The major types of tax that are associated with short-term or vacation rentals are lodging/room tax, tourist tax, sales and use tax, and transient occupancy tax (TOT). These taxes may vary slightly from place to place based on their regulations. You may be required to collect one of the taxes from the guests and remit the tax to the right authority at a specified time and the other tax(es) may be levied on your rental income.

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