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Lodge Compliance makes it easy for people in the lodging space to pay vendors, send invoices and gain control over business cash flow in one place.

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Welcome to Ledger
The groundbreaking solution transforming financial transactions within the hospitality industry. Our platform, Ledger Safeguard, redefines how guest deposits are managed, ensures control over payouts, and fortifies defenses against chargebacks.

Tailored for diverse users, from individual property owners to expansive enterprises, Ledger simplifies payment processes for vendors and property owners. Through seamless integration with leading platforms like Stripe and Paystack, property owners and managers effortlessly execute vendor or owner payments. This feature empowers users to securely view their balances and conduct direct fund transfers with utmost convenience.
Lodge Compliance
Chargeback Manager
Elevate your hosting experience with Lodge Compliance's comprehensive chargeback solutions. Our goal is to empower hosts to focus on providing exceptional services while we handle the intricacies of chargeback management.

Lodge Compliance offers a robust suite of solutions to enhance the experience of hosts dealing with chargebacks. Our Chargeback Resolution System ensures efficient management and resolution of disputes, aided by real-time monitoring and alerts. Hosts benefit from educational resources, a dedicated support team, and customizable risk mitigation strategies.
Chargeback manager
payouts manager
Lodge Compliance
Payouts Manager
Payouts Manager, a key feature of Lodge Compliance, simplifies financial transactions for the hospitality sector. It initially integrates with Stripe and Paystack, offering scope for future expansions based on banking partners.
This feature makes it easier for property managers to pay vendors, tax authorities, and owners.
- Payments to Vendors and Owners: Streamlines payouts to service providers and property owners.
- Initial Integration with Stripe and Paystack: Secure, efficient transactions in key markets (UK, Nigeria, US), with plans to include more partners.
- Real-Time Financial Management: Allows users to view balances and make transfers easily.
Lodge Compliance
With property-specific accounts, hosts can maintain clarity and organization in handling finances for each property. Tax compliance is simplified by setting aside funds in dedicated accounts, ensuring seamless payments to entities like government bodies without any mix-ups.

Guest deposits are securely held in escrow, separate from operational funds, fostering transparency and trust. Our controlled payouts system guarantees that disbursements from each escrow account are directed only to the intended parties, minimizing errors and ensuring precision in every transaction. Experience simplified and compliant financial operations with our Escrow Account feature.

Ledger FAQs

We answered questions so you don’t have to ask them.

Does Ledger provide any training or resources for new users?

Yes, Ledger offers training resources, including tutorials and user guides, to help new users familiarize themselves with the platform and its capabilities.

How easy is it to set up and start using Ledger?

Ledger is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Setup is straightforward, and users can quickly start utilizing its features with minimal learning curve.

Are there customization options available in Ledger?

Ledger offers various customization options to tailor its features to specific business needs, including customizable invoice templates and financial reporting formats.

What kind of customer support does Ledger offer?

Ledger provides comprehensive customer support, troubleshooting, and user guidance to ensure smooth operation and user satisfaction.

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