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Lodge Compliance

Why stay compliant

As a result of non-compliance with government regulations, the need to regulate and keep listings in check has proven to be of paramount importance.

Therefore, it is essential for homeowners or individuals that provide lodging services to be aware of the regulations, requirements, tax rates, guest register-keeping laws, licensing and permitting, and restrictions that are associated with Rentals with respect to the location of their property.

Lodge Compliance
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Who needs Lodge Compliance

Thousands of forward-thinking businesses rely on Lodge Compliance everyday



First-time hosts and existing hosts need to be aware of the compliance regulations and recent laws that affect the business.



Hoteliers need to be aware of short-term rental laws as some of the laws affect their business and can be to their advantage.

property managers

Property Managers

Keeping up with the regulations of various properties in different jurisdictions can be quite tasking. We can help you keep tabs on them always.


OTAs and Marketplace

Stay informed about the ever-evolving compliance regulations and recent legislation that impact the online marketplace. This is vital for smooth, compliant operations

Guest Registration

Providing property owners with our top-tier property management software that seamlessly integrates with their existing processes, providing a flawless guest check-in experience and a smooth reservation management process.

Trust us to improve operational efficiency for your properties while also helping you save costs with our “one app, manage all properties” software..

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Guest Registration
regulation manager

Regulations Manager

Effectively handling lodging regulations, particularly in the hospitality or short-term rental industry, can be a challenging yet essential responsibility. Proper management of these regulations involves maintaining records that serve multiple purposes, such as tax reporting and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Failing to adhere to the mandatory guest registration can lead to significant penalties and legal ramifications, which responsible hosts strive to avoid at all costs.

Access comprehensive lodging regulations for over 11,000 jurisdictions. Our services ensure that you consistently stay ahead of your lodging compliance requirements.

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Tax Manager

Lodge Compliance platform automates lodging tax compliance across 11,000 jurisdictions. We make sure you always stay ahead of your hospitality exposure, collect the right tax, and submit filings and remittances on time.

Allow the skilled professionals at Lodge Compliance to handle your tax responsibilities, enabling you to focus on efficiently operating your vacation rental.

Lodge Compliance is dedicated to:
- Assessing your tax rate
- Acquiring and overseeing licenses and registrations for your property
- Preparing, filing, and ensuring timely payment of your taxes

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tax manager


Ledger, the revolutionary platform at the forefront of transforming financial transactions within the hospitality industry, introduces a paradigm shift in the way guest deposits are handled.
This innovative solution not only streamlines and modernizes deposit management but also guarantees meticulous control over payouts, setting a new standard for financial transparency and security. By leveraging Ledger, businesses in the hospitality sector gain a robust defense mechanism against chargebacks, a common challenge in the industry.
Ledger is not just a tool; it's a comprehensive solution that addresses the intricate financial nuances of the hospitality sector, enabling businesses to optimize their operations, mitigate risks, and elevate the overall guest experience.

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Introducing a centralized platform tailored to elevate both guest satisfaction and streamline compliance monitoring across all your rental properties. This innovative solution consolidates essential tools and features, providing hosts with a seamless interface to enhance guest experiences while ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements. This innovative tool not only enhances the quality of guest stays but also empowers property managers to effortlessly uphold industry standards and regulations, fostering a harmonious and compliant environment for both guests and staff alike. By centralizing operations and monitoring, hosts can optimize efficiency, mitigate risks, and ultimately deliver exceptional stays for their guests, all while maintaining compliance with rental laws effortlessly.

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IOT Devices

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How Lodge Compliance works

Take control of your hospitality operations

With our composable API, design your own dashboard or your hotel and approval flows, complete with technical support when you need it.

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How do I get started with Lodge Compliance?

Begin your Lodge Compliance journey by contacting our support team for a quick and personalized demo call. Discover how we simplify compliance seamlessly. Connect with us now to streamline your processes effortlessly!

Is Lodge Compliance available in my language?

Absolutely! Lodge Compliance is available in every language spoken across the globe. Embrace a truly inclusive and global experience with us.

How can I contact Support?

Feel free to reach out to our support team effortlessly directly here. We're here to assist you every step of the way!

Can I get a checklist for my properties outside the United States?

Yes, lodge compliance provides the compliance checklist for properties no matter the country it is located in the world.

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