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frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get started with Lodge Compliance?

Begin your Lodge Compliance journey by contacting our support team for a quick and personalized demo call. Discover how we simplify compliance seamlessly. Connect with us now to streamline your processes effortlessly!

Is Lodge Compliance available in my language?

Absolutely! Lodge Compliance is available in every language spoken across the globe. Embrace a truly inclusive and global experience with us.

How can I contact Support?

Feel free to reach out to our support team effortlessly directly here. We're here to assist you every step of the way!

Can I get a checklist for my properties outside the United States?

Yes, lodge compliance provides the compliance checklist for properties no matter the country it is located in the world.

What do I have to do to get a checklist?

Easy, just register your property and get the free basic checklist delivered o your inbox.

Why would I need Lodge Compliance when I can get the requirements online myself?

It’s true that you can search for information on the internet on your own without Lodge Compliance but getting a complete checklist that will make you complaint is a rather daunting process as there are various requirements at various authorities of government that is required to be obeyed before your business is considered legal, there is a possibility that you may omit one requirement or the other. Some requirements may also be available in complicated jargon that needs to be simplified for you to understand. We save you the time of searching for the information up and down by providing a simplified and complete checklist that is delivered to your inbox at your convenience, which is complied with great accuracy to save you from penalties of non-compliance and fines.

Which level of authority laws do I have to obey as a host?

You are required to obey STR laws at both national and local levels as compliance with the regulation of one level of authority and violation of the laws of another level of authority can lead to penalties.

Do I really need this checklist?

Yes, you need a checklist as there are several laws that you are required to obey for your businesses to be considered legal, authorities of several destination places in the world partner with listing platforms to ensure that hosts pay taxes, register with required bodies and fulfill their obligations. violators are penalized and such hosts are sometimes prevented from carrying out the business depending on the law that applies in your location.

Which laws apply to me as a host?

There are several short-term rental requirements that apply to hosts and these laws vary from place to place so it is crucial that you are aware of the law that applies to your jurisdiction and you understand them properly from the zoning ordinance to the permit requirement, tax requirement, insurance requirement, etc.

Can the type of property I own affect the laws that apply to me?

Yes, some towns/cities have certain laws governing the sorts of homes that can be rented out temporarily in different zones. These laws may permit rental in homes such as single-family homes and prohibit the business in condos or place a limitation on the number of hosts that can be permitted in a structure. Ensure you check your local jurisdiction to know the law that applies to your property.

Which tax am I required to pay?

The major types of tax that are associated with short-term or vacation rentals are lodging/room tax, tourist tax, sales and use tax, and transient occupancy tax (TOT). These taxes may vary slightly from place to place based on their regulations. You may be required to collect one of the taxes from the guests and remit the tax to the right authority at a specified time and the other tax(es) may be levied on your rental income.

What is contactless check-in

This is the ability to reserve and check into one of our properties without the need to contact us via email, phone etc but by just following the seamless step using

What is Regulation Manager by Lodge Compliance?

Regulation Manager is a comprehensive tool designed to assist hoteliers and short-term rental operators in managing and staying compliant with various local, state, and federal regulations.

How does Regulation Manager keep up-to-date with changing regulations?

The tool continuously monitors regulatory changes across various jurisdictions, ensuring that the latest compliance requirements are always integrated into the platform.

Can Regulation Manager handle compliance for properties in different locations?

Yes, it is equipped to manage compliance for properties across multiple jurisdictions, making it an ideal tool for businesses with multiple locations.

What kind of regulatory requirements can Regulation Manager handle?

Regulation Manager can handle a range of requirements, including lodging taxes, licensing, and more.

Does Regulation Manager provide assistance with obtaining necessary licenses and permits?

Yes, it offers guidance and support in acquiring and renewing the necessary licenses and permits for your hospitality business.

How does Regulation Manager help in case of a compliance audit?

It keeps detailed records and documentation that are essential during audits, ensuring that you have the necessary proof of compliance.

Is my business data secure with Regulation Manager?

Lodge Compliance prioritizes data security, ensuring that all your business information within Regulation Manager is securely stored and handled.

Can I integrate Regulation Manager with my existing hotel management software?

Regulation Manager is designed for compatibility and can be integrated with various property and hotel management systems.

What support is available for Regulation Manager users?

Lodge Compliance provides comprehensive support, including technical assistance, regulatory advice, and customer service.

What are the pricing options for Regulation Manager?

There are three different plans you can subscribe to for Regulation Manager; there is the Basic plan which is $25, this gives access to jurisdiction-specific video. There is the Premium plan which is $100, it gives access to detailed information about your jurisdiction, chat-based customer support, and extra regulations information. Then the Platinum plan, which is $250, this is the best solution for you as you get to access the premium package alongside two hours of personalized one-on-one sessions with an expert.

Tax Manager

What is Tax Manager?

Tax Manager is one of the products of Lodge Compliance that automates lodging tax compliance across multiple jurisdictions, ensuring accurate tax calculation, tax charging, remittance and filing for hospitality businesses.

How does Tax Manager stay updated with changing tax laws?

Tax Manager continually monitors and updates its system with the latest tax rates and regulations across 11,000 jurisdictions to ensure compliance.

Can Tax Manager handle tax filings for my multiple properties in different locations?

Yes, Tax Manager is designed to manage and file taxes for multiple properties, even if they're located in different jurisdictions, streamlining the process for owners of multiple rentals or hotels.

Does Tax Manager also manage license and registration requirements for my property?

Yes, it assists in acquiring all necessary licenses and registrations, ensuring that your property adheres to all local license requirements.

How does Tax Manager ensure the accuracy of tax collections and filings?

The system uses advanced algorithms and data verification processes to ensure the accuracy of tax calculations, collections, and filings, minimizing the risk of errors.

Is my financial data secure with Tax Manager?

Tax Manager adheres to stringent data protection and privacy standards to ensure the security and confidentiality of your financial data.

What if there are discrepancies or issues with tax authorities?

In case of any discrepancies or issues, Lodge Compliance's team of professionals will work with tax authorities to resolve them, acting as a liaison on your behalf.

Can Tax Manager integrate with my existing property management software?

Tax Manager is designed to integrate seamlessly with various industry applications and property management systems for streamlined operations.

What support does Lodge Compliance offer for Tax Manager users?

Lodge Compliance offers comprehensive support, including customer service assistance, troubleshooting, and guidance on tax-related queries for users of Tax Manager.

How much does Tax Manager cost, and are there different pricing tiers?

Pricing for Tax Manager varies based on the scale of your operations and the number of properties. Specific pricing tiers and packages can be discussed with a Lodge Compliance representative.

Guest Registration

What is Guest Registration

Guest Registration is a digital platform designed for property managers, owners of short term vacation; to manage guest check-ins, capture essential guest information, verify identities, and streamline the overall registration process.

How does Guest Registration improve the check-in process?

It simplifies and speeds up check-in by allowing guests to register and verify their identity online, reducing wait times and improving the overall guest experience.

Is Guest Registration compliant with data protection regulations?

Yes, Guest registration adheres to data protection laws, ensuring that all guest information is securely stored and handled.

Can Guest Registration integrate with my existing hotel management system?

Guest Registration is designed to integrate seamlessly with most hotel management systems, enhancing functionality and data synchronization.

Does Guest Registration support contactless check-ins?

Yes, it supports contactless check-ins, allowing guests to register and check-in remotely for a safe and convenient experience.

How does Guest Registration handle guest identity verification?

It uses various methods, such as ID scanning and facial recognition, to verify the identity of guests accurately and securely.

What kind of support is available for Guest Registration users?

Users can access a range of support services, including technical assistance, user guides, and customer service support for any inquiries or issues.

Can Guest Registration handle group bookings?

Yes, it can manage group bookings by allowing the primary guest to register on behalf of the group or enabling individual registrations for each member.

Is Guest Registration suitable for different types of properties?

Yes, it is versatile enough to cater to various property types, from small bed and breakfasts to large hotels and vacation rentals.

How does Guest Registration help with legal compliance?

Guest registration assists in fulfilling legal obligations such as maintaining guest registers, complying with local hospitality laws, and ensuring that all guest information is accurately recorded

Can I access guest information and history through Guest Registration?

Yes, you can access comprehensive guest profiles, including their stay history and preferences, which can be used to enhance personalized services.


What is Ledger?

Ledger is an all-in-one financial management platform designed to streamline and simplify financial processes for businesses in the lodging industry, including hotels and vacation rentals

How does Ledger help with vendor payments?

Ledger automates and organizes vendor payment processes, ensuring timely and accurate payments, reducing manual errors, and tracking all transactions efficiently.

Can Ledger handle invoice creation and dispatch?

Yes, Ledger allows users to generate and send out custom-branded invoices, ensuring they meet compliance standards and are delivered efficiently to clients or customers.

Does Ledger provide real-time financial insights?

Ledger offers real-time financial tracking and analysis, giving users an up-to-date view of their financial status, which is crucial for making informed business decisions.

Is Ledger suitable for lodging businesses of all sizes?

Yes, Ledger is designed to cater to lodging businesses of all sizes.

How does Ledger ensure the security of financial data?

Ledger employs robust security measures, including data encryption and secure cloud storage, to protect sensitive financial information and ensure compliance with data protection laws.

Can Ledger integrate with other hotel management systems?

Yes, Ledger is built for integration with various hotel and property management systems, ensuring seamless data synchronization and operational efficiency.

What kind of customer support does Ledger offer?

Ledger provides comprehensive customer support, troubleshooting, and user guidance to ensure smooth operation and user satisfaction.

Are there customization options available in Ledger?

Ledger offers various customization options to tailor its features to specific business needs, including customizable invoice templates and financial reporting formats.

How easy is it to set up and start using Ledger?

Ledger is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Setup is straightforward, and users can quickly start utilizing its features with minimal learning curve.

Does Ledger provide any training or resources for new users?

Yes, Ledger offers training resources, including tutorials and user guides, to help new users familiarize themselves with the platform and its capabilities.


How can I get started with Console?

To get started with Console, visit the Lodge Compliance website to request a demo. The team will guide you through the setup process and answer any additional questions you may have.

What types of properties are suitable for Console’s feature?

Console’s smart lock feature is versatile, suitable for a wide range of property types, from single-family homes to apartments and multi-unit buildings, as long as the property is equipped with compatible smart locks.

Can I control multiple smart locks from the Console dashboard?

Yes, Console is designed to manage multiple smart locks across different properties from a single dashboard, streamlining the process of granting and revoking access for hosts managing multiple listings.

What is Console’s role in managing guest access?

Console provides a centralized platform to manage guest access remotely, offering secure, keyless entry through smart lock integration. It ensures guests can access the property easily upon check-in without physical key exchanges.

How can Console prevent unauthorized parties at my property?

Console’s noise monitoring feature alerts you to excessive noise levels, allowing you to proactively address potential unauthorized parties and ensure compliance with local regulations and community standards.

Can I manage multiple properties with Console?

Yes, Console is designed to efficiently manage multiple properties from a single dashboard, making it ideal for property managers with several listings.

Can Console help me save on energy costs?

Yes, Console allows you to remotely manage your property’s heating, cooling, and lighting, ensuring energy efficiency by adjusting settings according to occupancy, thus potentially reducing energy costs.

How does Console enhance guest safety?

Console connects with smoke, water, and noise sensors to provide real-time safety alerts. It also offers secure, keyless entry, ensuring only authorized guests have access to the property.

What is Console by Lodge Compliance?

Console is a property compliance and monitoring tool designed for property managers to enhance centralized control over guest access, energy management, safety, and more, to enhance operational efficiency and guest satisfaction

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