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Lodge Compliance
Lodge Compliance
There’s an easier way to manage lodging regulations
Managing lodging regulations, especially in the context of hospitality or short-term rentals, can be a complex but necessary task. To effectively manage lodging regulations, These records serve various purposes, including tax reporting and regulatory compliance. Our comprehensive solution not only assists hosts in managing guest records for tax reporting and regulatory compliance but also provides real-time updates on changing regulations, helping hosts stay ahead of the curve.
By centralizing and automating the record-keeping process, our solution ensures that hosts can focus on providing exceptional guest experiences without the constant worry of regulatory oversights. Embrace a hassle-free approach to lodging regulations with our all-encompassing solution designed to simplify compliance and enhance the overall hosting experience.

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Regulations Manager

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What are the pricing options for Regulation Manager?

There are three different plans you can subscribe to for Regulation Manager; there is the Basic plan which is $25, this gives access to jurisdiction-specific video. There is the Premium plan which is $100, it gives access to detailed information about your jurisdiction, chat-based customer support, and extra regulations information. Then the Platinum plan, which is $250, this is the best solution for you as you get to access the premium package alongside two hours of personalized one-on-one sessions with an expert.

What support is available for Regulation Manager users?

Lodge Compliance provides comprehensive support, including technical assistance, regulatory advice, and customer service.

Can I integrate Regulation Manager with my existing hotel management software?

Regulation Manager is designed for compatibility and can be integrated with various property and hotel management systems.

Is my business data secure with Regulation Manager?

Lodge Compliance prioritizes data security, ensuring that all your business information within Regulation Manager is securely stored and handled.

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