In China, a land where ancient wonders seamlessly blend with modern advancements, the short-term rental market offers a unique vista into this blend of past and future. From Guilin's mystical peaks to Shanghai's dynamic streets, and the serene Great Wall snaking through lush landscapes, China invites travelers to explore its vast diversity. Short-term rental hosts are the ambassadors of this rich mosaic, guiding guests through a myriad of extraordinary experiences.

Navigating the regulations of short-term rentals in the country can be a bit challenging as each province presents its own set of rules. This blog post aims to simplify these regulations for hosts, providing clear insights and tools to ensure compliance while celebrating China's cultural heritage, and futuristic allure and enriching your guests' travels with the essence of this fascinating country.


There are no national short-term rental associations in China but you can contact your Local Municipal Commission on Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Public Security Bureau for further information.

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short term rentals
What are short Term Rentals in the Country?

Short-term rentals are referred to as furnished apartments that can be rented from one night to several months and are charged by the hour or by the day in China. It is often referred to as a Holiday Stay/Apartment or Short-term stay. It is usually leased to tourists.

Tourists are defined as people who visit a place other than their permanent place of residence for pleasure for a short-term period which is usually on holidays.

What is the maximum length of stay?

There is no specified maximum length of stay in China but a China tourist visa typically allows single entry with a stay duration of **30 days. **But tourists can stay in China for up to 182 days before they are subjected to tax. It is advisable to check at the province level to know the maximum length of stay that works in that province.

Are there National Rules or Regulations Governing Short-Term Rentals in the Country?

There is no specific national rule regarding short-term rental in China instead mainland China's short-term rental regulations vary by city and province, but typically, hosts must obtain a license from their local authority and notify the local authorities usually the Public Security Department or local police while a visitor is present.

Some provinces also regulate temporary housing by issuing measures for the information registration of Online Residential Housing Bookings and enacting various laws on the management of the business to control long-term rental.

Is there any National Tax that affects short-term rental?

Short-term rentals, hotels, catering services, and restaurants are required to collect the 9% reduced accommodation VAT from guests and remit it to the State Taxation Administration

Provinces and cities do not have the authority to impose their additional tax on hotel apartments at the time of compilation of this data.

NOTE: You are required to pay taxes on all mandatory fees that you charge the guest as a condition of the rental. This typically covers all extra charges, such as cleaning fees, pet fees, credit card fees, etc. Refundable damage or security deposits are not taxable.

permits, license
Are there any Permits, Licenses, or Registrations for Short-term Rentals in the Country?

There is no national permit, license, or registration for short-term rental owners in China, instead, provinces may require that short-term rental owners provide various certificates such as home ownership certificates, owners' IDs, operators' IDs, etc. So it is important to check with local authorities for the necessary registrations and permits that apply to your short-term rental property.

Is there any National Association for STR owners in the Country?

There are no national short-term rental associations in China but you can contact your Local Municipal Commission on Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Public Security Bureau for further information.

National Association for STR Owners


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