Rental regulations and requirements vary by location (country, state, county, city, zones, and sometimes street), property types (Condos, single-family dwellings, multi-family homes, etc.) number of rental properties, or income earned, and type of guests.

Being compliant is a click away. Your information will remain confidential.

We intend to make life easier for people who are looking into a rental as regards your obligations and rights. Rental compliance regulations are a necessary but daunting process.

Lodge Compliance is an essential online resource for anyone thinking of renting their own private home/property out for a vacation or transient let compiled in simple terms and not complicated jargon to help you avoid the implications of non-compliance anywhere in the world.

Why Lodge Compliance?

More than 6 million residential properties are currently listed online for vacation rentals in more than 191 countries, but more than 50% of these listings are deemed illegal because they do not adhere to government regulations. This is usually because most hosts are unaware of the various rules that are necessary to keep listings compliant.

To fill the knowledge gap and protect hosts from non-compliance fines and other penalties, lodge compliance provides a checklist of the regulations, requirements, and restrictions that apply to rentals in consideration of the property's location, features, and guest types.