Regulations and Requirements vary by state, county, city, and sometimes street.

Being compliant is a click away. Your information will remain confidential.

We intend to make life easier for people who are looking into a rental as regards your obligations and rights. Rental compliance regulations are a necessary but daunting process.

Lodge Compliance is an essential online resource for anyone thinking of renting their own private home/property out for a vacation or transient let compiled in simple terms and not complicated jargon to help you avoid the implications of non-compliance anywhere in the world.

Why Lodge Compliance?

As a result of non-compliance with government regulations, the need to regulate and keep listings in check has proven to be

of paramount importance.

Therefore, it is essential for homeowners or individuals that provide lodging services to be aware of the regulations, requirements, tax rates, guest register-keeping laws, licensing and permitting, and restrictions that are associated with Rentals with respect to the location of their property.