Lodge Compliance X Stripe

An API suite empowers online payment processing and commerce solutions, facilitating payment acceptance and rapid growth for businesses of any size.

Why do you need Stripe?

At Lodge Compliance, we've integrated with Stripe to simplify financial transactions for Airbnb and vacation rental operators. With Stripe, you get secure payments, hassle-free transactions, automated payouts, an enhanced guest experience, and compliance confidence. By using Stripe through Lodge Compliance, you can focus on guest satisfaction while we handle the payment details seamlessly.

Powerful automation feature

Thousands of forward-thinking businesses rely on Lodge Compliance everyday


Customizable Checkout

Create payment forms that match your brand's look and feel.

Seamlessly embed checkout on your website or app for a smooth user experience.

Increase conversion rates with a customizable and intuitive payment process.


Subscription Billing

Easily set up and manage recurring payments for subscription services.

Support various billing models like fixed-price, metered, or tiered pricing plans.

Flexible options for handling subscriptions, from upgrades/downgrades to pausing or canceling.


Stripe Connect

Power marketplace businesses with tools to handle payments between multiple parties.

Split payments, automate payouts, and customize application fees to fit your business model.

Scale your marketplace efficiently while maintaining control over payments and fees.


Fraud Prevention

Utilize advanced fraud prevention tools like Radar to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions.

Real-time data analysis and machine learning algorithms identify suspicious activities.

Minimize chargebacks and fraud-related losses with proactive fraud detection measures.


Global Payments

Expand your business globally with support for over 135 currencies and localized payment methods.

Offer customers a seamless payment experience with support for various payment methods.

Access a global infrastructure for fast, reliable, and secure payment processing worldwide.


Developer-Friendly APIs

Integrate payment functionality seamlessly into websites, apps, and backend systems with well-documented APIs.

SDKs and client libraries support multiple programming languages for easy integration.

Empower developers to build custom payment solutions tailored to specific business needs with Stripe's flexible APIs.

When to use app with Lodge Compliance

Streamlined Payments: Stripe integration with Lodge Compliance offers secure, hassle-free payment experiences, streamlining processes for guests.

Automated Payouts: Leveraging Stripe through Lodge Compliance ensures prompt earnings distribution with automated solutions.

Global Transactions: Stripe's multi-currency support is valuable for operators catering to international guests.

Compliance Confidence: Using Stripe via Lodge Compliance provides transparent reporting, ensuring adherence to financial regulations.

Enhanced Guest Experience: Integrating Stripe with Lodge Compliance enhances guest satisfaction, fostering trust and positive reviews.

How to get started with Stripe

Thousands of forward-thinking businesses rely on Lodge Compliance everyday


Create a Stripe Account


Integrate Stripe into Your Website or App


Obtain API Keys


Test Payments


Set Up Payment Flows and Logic


Go Live

How it works with lodge

Through Stripe's secure payment processing capabilities seamlessly integrated into Lodge Compliance's platform, operators can easily manage transactions while ensuring compliance with regulations. This integration simplifies payment processes, automates earnings distribution, and provides transparent reporting, empowering operators to focus on growth and delivering exceptional guest experiences.

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