Airbnb has revolutionized the way homeowners become entrepreneurs, offering travelers a unique alternative to traditional hotels. This shift towards personalized, local experiences has not only enabled cultural exchanges but also provided an additional income stream for hosts of all ages. With its home-like ambiance, Airbnb sidesteps the formalities and inconveniences of hotel stays, like tipping and parking searches, heralding a new era in travel. As Airbnb continues to grow, navigating through the challenge of the regulations of the business becomes crucial. This piece delves into the evolving legal landscape, particularly focusing on Ukrainian regulations for tourist accommodations. Dive in to discover the legal backdrop that shapes short-term rental in Ukraine.


There is no national short-term rental association in Ukraine.

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short term rentals
What are short Term Rentals in the Country?

Short-term rentals are rentals of a dwelling unit or group of dwelling units in a condominium, cooperative, or apartment building to visitors for a few days or weeks in exchange for money. It is widely reserved on websites like Booking.com, Airbnb, and others and typically includes amenities like furniture, wifi, regular cleaning, etc.

What is the maximum length of stay?

There is no specific duration for Airbnb in Ukraine, but it usually ranges from a few days to several weeks or months.

Are there National Rules or Regulations Governing Short-Term Rentals in the Country?

Ukraine lacks a unified national framework regulating short-term rentals. Instead, the responsibility for creating rental laws falls to local and city governments. These authorities have the power to implement a range of restrictions on Airbnb rentals, potentially including obligations for registration and taxation, along with criteria for minimum housing standards, among other regulations.

Is there any National Tax that affects short-term rental?

In Ukraine, the taxation of income from tourist accommodations, such as those offered through Airbnb, is not governed by a one-size-fits-all rule. Instead, tax obligations are influenced by the provider's residency status. Ukrainian residents and non-residents may find themselves subject to different tax rates and obligations. Home Owners need to account for income tax, alongside regional and municipal levies, including the tourist tax.

Tourist Tax

Effective January 1, 2019, Ukrainian law mandates a tourist tax for individuals staying in short-term rental accommodations like Airbnb. The rate for this tax is approximately 26.00 UAH per day for Ukrainian citizens. For international guests, the ceiling is set at 208.65 UAH (roughly 6.6 Euros) per night. However, it's important to recognize that local authorities have the discretion to set specific rates within their jurisdictions, leading to variations in tax rates across different locations. Hosts should thoroughly research exemptions to the tourist tax within their area and ascertain the precise rate applicable to their operations.

For Detailed Inquiries:

Hosts seeking more comprehensive guidance or specific information regarding taxation and regulatory requirements are encouraged to reach out directly to the relevant Ukrainian authorities:

Ministry of Finance of Ukraine

Telephone: +38 (044) 201-56-30Email: infomf@minfin.gov.ua, presa@minfin.gov.ua

State Tax Service of Ukraine

Address: 8, Lvivska Square, Kyiv, 3004053, UkraineTelephone: +380 44 272 6255Email: post@tax.gov.uaWebsite: [www.tax.gov.ua](http://www.tax.gov.ua/)
permits, license
Are there any Permits, Licenses, or Registrations for Short-term Rentals in the Country?

There is no unified permit or registration for short term rental in Ukraine,however, local and regional permits and tax registrations may be essential for the legal and successful running of your rental.

The complexity of aligning with each unique set of local rules underscores the importance of diligence. It's not just about compliance—it's about building a resilient foundation for your rental business. Subscribe to the lodge compliance to know that affect your individual short-term rental property.

Is there any National Association for STR owners in the Country?

There is no national short-term rental association in Ukraine.

National Association for STR Owners


Lodge compliance is not a licensed tax or financial advisor. Therefore nothing in the above article should be construed as tax, legal, or financial advice. Contact your local tax office for information regarding your personal circumstance.

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