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Award-winning hospitality software offering vacation rental, hotel, and channel management in one platform. Enhance efficiency, boost bookings, and grow your business.

Why do you need Beds24?

With Beds24's robust features and seamless integration capabilities, you can streamline your booking and management processes even further. Beds24's comprehensive platform not only facilitates efficient booking management but also ensures compliance with regulations and taxes. By leveraging Beds24 alongside Lodge Compliance, you can effectively manage regulatory, financial, and operational risks while focusing on providing exceptional guest experiences. With Beds24, you can scale your operations and deliver 5-star stays with ease.

Powerful automation feature

Thousands of forward-thinking businesses rely on Lodge Compliance everyday


Channel Manager

Automate the synchronization of availability and pricing to prevent double bookings effortlessly. As a top-tier partner with leading online travel agencies (OTAs), Beds24 provides advanced connectivity across major platforms such as Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, Vrbo, and others.


Property Management

A centralized front-desk system facilitates essential functions like booking management, dynamic pricing, payments, inventory, guest check-in and check-out, and more. Accessible from anywhere via computer, tablet, or smartphone.



Save time through automation of crucial processes like bookings, calendar management, guest communications, invoicing, payment collection, and reporting. The integrated yield optimizer automatically adapts prices according to availability, optimizing nightly revenue.



Automate guest communication throughout their stay, triggered by predefined events like booking, arrival, stay, checkout, and follow-up. Utilize a centralized inbox for two-way messaging directly within Airbnb, Booking.com, and VRBO's messaging systems.


Payment Processing

Whether collecting payments upfront during booking or sending automated payment requests to guests, Beds24 ensures secure, hassle-free, and automated payment collection, addressing a common challenge for property managers.


Online Booking System

Incorporate our customizable and mobile-friendly Internet Booking Engine (IBE) into your website to enable commission-free direct bookings and automated payment collection. Alternatively, utilize your booking page as a dedicated direct booking website.

When to use app with Lodge Compliance

Integrate Beds24 with Lodge Compliance for streamlined operations and regulatory compliance in Airbnb and vacation rentals. This powerful combination automates essential tasks, manages taxes, and mitigates risks. Whether you're a small operator or growing enterprise, Beds24 and Lodge Compliance ensure seamless management while enhancing guest experiences. Scale your business confidently, focusing on growth as the market expands. Beds24 with Lodge Compliance offers a comprehensive solution for efficient operations and compliance management.

How to get started with beds24

Thousands of forward-thinking businesses rely on Lodge Compliance everyday


Create an Account


Set Up Your Property


Configure Booking Settings


Integrate Channels and Payment Gateways


Customize Booking Engine and Website


Learn and Explore Additional Features

How it works with lodge

Beds24's robust booking and management features complement Lodge Compliance's automation software, ensuring efficient operations. Together, they streamline essential tasks, manage regulations, taxes, and risks effortlessly. This integration allows operators to focus on growth and enhancing guest experiences while maintaining compliance. With Beds24 and Lodge Compliance, operators can scale their operations confidently, delivering 5-star stays while managing regulatory, financial, and operational risks effectively.

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